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Join us in our mission of helping people, helping horses.

Our Horses

At Horse Sense, we celebrate our horses.   Our horses come from a variety of backgrounds, but they all share an aptitude for teaching and enjoy their students.   


Age: 27-30

Breed:  Paint

It all started with a horse named Bear, standing in a filthy stall in a dark, decrepit barn waiting for a little girl who was growing up and out of horses.   We were able to rescue him from his dirty prison, and the gifts he has since brought to so many lives is immeasurable. Bear and senior horses like him are the inspiration behind Horse Sense.  He is kind, patient, and loves to go.   He particularly enjoys children, and is happiest when the kids are just hanging out with him. Bear has chronic stomach issues and arthritis, requiring special care and attention.  

Not for sale.


Age: 5

Breed: Mustang

Bonnie came to us all the way from Maine.  Originally, she lived in South Carolina, but was seized by law enforcement when her owner was charged with animal neglect.  She later landed in Maine, where she taught some children at a beginner program.   Because she's been passed around so much in her young life, Bonnie is currently at our trainer's, getting a solid restart under saddle.   

Sales price:  $3,000

Red Sea

Age:  12

Breed:  Thoroughbred

Red is a stunning off track thoroughbred.  He raced nationally and on the county fair circuit for many years, before being acquired by Horse Sense.  Red is a true gentleman and enjoys working with our more advanced riders. 

Sales price:  $5,500

Magic 2.0

Age: 15

Breed:  Paint

Magic came to us all the way from Maine.  I was working with the Fjord rescue network to acquire Bonnie, and when the owner offered us a 2nd horse, I couldn't say no.   We don't know much about her life, other than the previous owner picked her up at a rescue that was shutting down.  She's quiet, safe, and one of my favorite trail horses.  

Sales price:  $3,000


Age: 16

Breed:  Suffolk Punch mix

Jet came to us through our friends at the Lazy Acres Equine Rescue.  Not much was known about her past.  She was abandoned by her owner at a boarding facility.  The rescue took her in, thinking she was much older, and when they finally had a vet check her teeth, they learned that she was still fairly young.  They wanted her to be in a place where she got attention, love and lots of work.  

Not for sale. 


Age: 15

Breed: Thoroughbed x shire

Bob is one cool lady.  She has the calm quiet of her Shire draft breeding with the get up and go of the thoroughbred.  Bob came to us from the same home as Bandit and Harry, following her owner's divorce.  Bob is completely blind in one eye, but you'd never know it. She doesn't seem at all affected by her limited vision.  

Not for sale.  


Age:  14

Breed:  Mini

Buttercup came to us from the Zeb's Wish Equine Sanctuary.  The tiniest of our mini's, Buttercup is Goldie's daughter.  

Not for sale. 


Age: 22

Breed:  Paint

Cocoa came to Horse Sense when her teenager became more interested in boys and friends than horses.  Aside from needing a bit of weight and some chiropractic work, Cocoa was in pretty good shape when she arrived.   She's not a huge fan of arena work, but she's the best trail horse I've ever had the pleasure of riding.  

Sales Price:  $2,000


Age: 6

Breed:  Appaloosa

Clu is at Horse Sense for his second time.  He was going to be a starter project for us when we acquired him as a 3 year old, but traded him for Ariel when we lacked the time to finish him properly.  He was then traded to a 3rd party, who, a year later, was struggling to connect with him.  I bought him back, and after a year with 3 different trainers, he is finally well started under saddle.

Sales Price:  $6,500


Age: 20

Breed:  Quarter Horse

Ginger's previous owner took her in as a rescue and did a lot of rehab work.  We still have some work ahead of us, but she's a star with our newest and youngest riders.  She's a big, solid, sweet horse and is a great babysitter.

Sales Price:  $1,800


Age: Early 20's

Breed:  Belgian

Fabio is a fan favorite at Horse Sense, yet he's never taught a single lesson.   Nothing is known about most of Fabio's life.  He sustained a tendon injury in his front leg, and ended up at a slaughter yard.  He was rescued, but the owner died and he ended up in the feed lots again.  He was rescued a second time and was again bailed out, but the owner lost her job.  That's when we met Fabio.  We surgically repaired the tendon damage to the front leg, but unfortunately his joint disease was congenital and he damaged his hind leg as well, which could not be repaired.  Fabio currently lives in an off-site foster home.

Not for Sale. 

The Silver Bullet

Age: 19

Breed:  Mini

This adorable mini was gifted to Horse Sense by a lovely owner that wanted him to be surrounded by people that love and enjoy him.     He is quiet, calm, patient and kind, with a quirky and playful sense of humor.  

Not for sale. 


Age:  16

Breed:  Mini

Goldie came to us via the Zeb's Wish Equine Sanctuary.   She's the shyest of our mini's, but she's also the most talkative.    

Not for sale. 


Age:  8

Breed:  Welsh Pony

Squirrel is the tiniest Welsh Pony I've ever seen, but she's got the biggest personality.  Squirrel joined us in 2019 after record snowfalls caused her owner's barn to collapse.  They had to place a number of horses into homes, and we were lucky enough to bring Squirrel home.   Squirrel will be off site keeping a former Horse Sense graduate company until she goes to trainer later this year.  


Age: 20-ish

Breed:  Quarter Horse

We really don't know much about Montana's previous life.   His previous owner says that he was a rescue situation, and he had been placed in a home but returned to her when the family couldn't afford to feed him anymore.  He's very sweet, easy going and safe for anyone to ride. 

Sales Price:  $2,500


Age: 15

Breed:  Welsh Pony

Kaycie is the sweetest pony you'll ever meet.  Welsh ponies are known for their athleticism and Kaycie is no different.  She joined our team in January, 2019 and has already started winning ribbons at local shows.  

Sales Price:  $8,500

Sir Irish Danny
Age: 7

Breed:  Thoroughbred

Danny has an impressive pedigree and showed a lot of promise on the racetrack.  He even has a Breeder's Cup nomination.  Danny's racing career ended due to a trailering accident, but he's completely healed and learning to jump. 

Sales Price:  $3,500