*Due to COVID, the 2020 show season is currently cancelled.   The team is not accepting new riders at this time.

After dipping our toes into the national equestrian clubs, we found that they either lacked inclusion, were prohibitively expensive for our families, or promoted really unsafe riding situations at their events.   Our riders really want to compete and participate in local shows, so we went the DIY route and started our own show team for the 2020 season, the Rebel Riders.    

The show team is open to all ages and levels of riders, and we compete in both English and Western styles.  Participation requires that the rider take 1 weekly lesson, attend 2 show team classes each month, and each family is expected to organize and lead 1 fundraising event during the year.   Local horse owners are also welcome to join our team too, even if you aren't a student at Horse Sense!   Horse owners participating on show team should be attending weekly lessons with a trainer at any barn, attend 2 show team classes at Horse Sense each month, and organize 1 fundraising event during the year. 

While we have no show team sign up fees or club dues, riders are expected to acquire their own tack, equipment, and clothing to participate in shows.